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Local history museum - outside, Ellmau am Wilden Kaiser, County of Kufstein, Principality Tyrol, Austria

360 ° panorama of Ellmau Local history museum.

From Knappenhäusl to Local history museum

On the instructions of the other princes were enfeoffed in 1555 to open Achengrund in Ellmau from urbary judge the reign Kufstein miners or mine Rerobichl employees with a paddock and garden. For daily necessities for families with children, was "a Vichl" to drive on the common pasture and hit the necessary wood, approved. This Sölleut had to appear in Merano Office Söll and 16 cruisers pay interest and one cruiser pin money annually.

After the decline of the mining industry in 1700, the miners had to look for another job. In our house a werkte Wagner and gave the house the name "Wagner Häusl". As a result of residential master-weaver ("weavers house") and later Wegmacher ("When Wegmacher") the house. The son of Johann Wegmachers Widauer was a master carpenter who remodeled the house in 1898, as we find it today.
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